Dad in dock for samurai threat

A MAN threatened to attack the person who had 'caused difficulty' in his marriage with a samurai sword in front of his children, a court heard.

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court

Michael Blakeley’s 14-year-old daughter called the police and told them he had got very angry and began storming round the family home on Dell Avenue in Beech Hill and punching a wall.

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court heard that Blakeley, 38, and his wife had separated around Christmas time and he had got angry at around 7.40pm on Sunday when she failed to respond to a text message he had sent her asking if she was ok.

Steve Woodman, prosecuting, said: “When police arrived, the defendant’s daughter was visibly shaken.

“They said they spoke to the girl who was distressed at having called the police but said she was so scared.


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“She told police her dad was angry at a man who had been causing difficulty in her parent’s marriage.

“She said she asked her father to stop but he grabbed a samurai sword and was talking about leaving the house and stabbing someone.

“The officers arranged for the children’s grandparents to come over and stay with them and arrested Mr Blakeley to prevent any further breach of the peace.”

Blakeley was kept in custody overnight and appeared on Monday after police made an application for a bind over for breach of the peace, meaning Blakeley would have to behave for a period or pay a financial penalty.


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He said: “I was upset when she didn’t text back. I had been out to watch the football and had had a few drinks.

“My daughter started on at me, saying I should leave her mum alone. I wanted to scare her into being quiet.

“I left the house with the sword but I just put it in my car and then had a cigarette. I am proud of her for doing what she did. She shouldn’t have had to put up with that.”

Blakeley, who was not represented and has no previous convictions, accepted the bind over which magistrates imposed for 12 months with a fine of £500 if Blakeley failed to behave.