Dad hid battle with depression


A WIGAN man killed himself after fighting a secret battle with depression, an inquest heard.

Gary Armstrong, of Douglas House, Scholes, kept his illness from his family but in the final months of his life had become increasingly withdrawn and began drinking heavily.

A hearing at Bolton Coroner’s Court was told the 42-year-old had admitted to his GP he had considered suicide but his close relationship with his son had prevented him from ending his life.

However, in November last year, police broke into Mr Armstrong’s flat after his concerned son Jack raised the alarm when he couldn’t to contact his dad.

Officers found him hanged in his living room. No suicide note was found. A post-mortem found a small amount of alcohol in Mr Armstrong’s system and therapeutic levels of anti-depression medication.

His family told the inquest they were unaware of the former auxiliary nurse’s depression.

“I was not aware that he was suffering from depression,” his son Jack said. “I think he protected me from all his worries because that was the kind of man he was.”

His sister Dawn Lacey told the hearing that his other sister told him that Gary had admitted starting to avoid people, finding it easier instead to stay by himself with his much-loved pet cat.

Wigan coroner Alan Walsh recorded a verdict of suicide while suffering from diagnosed depression.