‘Dad lied about horrendous injuries to tragic tot Evie’

Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas
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A TINY Wigan baby suffered a catalogue of injuries at the hands of her dad, a court heard.

The infant, who has since died aged just four months old from unrelated causes, allegedly sustained skull and rib fractures in five separate attacks.

Mark Kellet, prosecuting, told a jury that it was believed that the skull fractures suffered by the little girl, Evie Grace Thomas, were “likely to have been caused by hitting her head against a flat surface or striking her head with a blunt instrument”.

He said that a doctor believed the rib injuries were “caused by squeezing or standing or stamping on the ribs by an adult”.

Mr Kellett alleged at Liverpool Crown Court that: “In short the defendant was responsible for causing those sets of injuries on Evie Thomas when she was aged between one month and four months.

The child’s father, 30-year-old Martin Thomas, of Poplar Avenue, Worsley Hall, denies five offences of causing grievous bodily harm with intent between November 26, 2012 and February 22 last year and five alternative lesser charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

“Because of the force required to cause these types of fractures in such a young child, doctors can be sure these fractures were caused by unlawful assaults rather than innocent day to day handling,” said Mr Kellett.

“In the absence of any plausible explanation about how she came by these serious fractures they say the likely causes of these fractures are kicks, stamps and blows, striking Evie’s head with a blunt instrument or against a blunt hard unyielding surface.”

He explained that Evie was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, which she shared with her father, whose symptoms included, for her, poor formation of facial bones including the cheek and a small lower jaw which can be associated with sudden death in children because of respiratory obstruction. She also suffered from colic which caused pain, distress and discomfort.

“Tragically she died on the morning of 21 February 2013 as a result of respiratory failure while sleeping at home with her parents, the defendant and Hayley Fisher.”

Mr Kellet emphasised that there was nothing to remotely suggest that the injuries she had suffered led to her death. As well as Treacher Collins syndrome she also had an upper respiratory infection causing inflamed lungs at the time of her death.

A full skeletal survey was undertaken after her death and CT scans taken on December 6, 2012 were examined by two radiologists and a forensic pathologist.

The scans had been taken because she had been taken to Wigan Infirmary after her mum, who was upstairs, heard shouting and later found her with “a massive lump on her head”.

Thomas claimed that while he had been downstairs changing her nappy on a foot stool another small child fell on her and a toy telephone she was holding hit Evie on the head.

After her death the CT scans were reviewed and along with the skeletal survey the doctors identified injuries caused on five separate occasions, and fractures to her skull and ribs.

Mr Kellet said the evidence demonstrates that Thomas’s explanation of how she sustained injuries was a lie. “The medical experts say these injuries are typical of non-accidental injury,” he said.