Dad of soldier who died in Iraq War praises inquiry

Jamie Hancock
Jamie Hancock

The father of a Wigan soldier who died in the Iraq War has praised the Chilcot inquiry for “telling the truth”.

Eddie Hancock, whose son Jamie was shot dead during the conflict, has called on former Prime Minister Tony Blair to be banned from any public office after he led Britain into a war that was described as being legally “far from satisfactory”.

95 per cent of British people have known all of this for seven years

Eddie Hancock, father of soldier Jamie Hancock who was killed in the Iraq War

Sir John Chilcot delivered his damning report earlier today, which said that Britain went into the Iraq War with “flawed intelligence and assessments”.

It also, crucially, said that Tony Blair’s decision to join the invasion was made before all peaceful options for disarmament had been exercised.

Hindley Green 19-year-old Jamie was killed while serving as a Kingsman with the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in Basra in 2006.

His father told the Evening Post: “Chilcot has done exactly what he said he would do.

“The fact is that Blair has undermined the United Nations. He fabricated facts and misrepresented them to Parliament.

“In truth though, 95 per cent of British people have known all of this for seven years.

“I’ve always had faith in Chilcot. There will be people who will be unhappy but this is something different for the establishment. The truth has been told.”

Talking about Blair, he added: “I would like to see that man banned for life from any public office and the same for Jack Straw too.”