Dad praised for stopping attack

A man whose son was stabbed to death has been praised by a judge for saving the life of a Wigan stranger following an unprovoked knife attack.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 1:31 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:49 am
Paul Turner stopped a knife attack by Stuart Parkinson

Paul Turner, 42, leapt into action six years after his 17-year-old son Cody was stabbed to death.

He was driving past the violent scene when he jumped out and stopped the attack - saving the victim from more serious injury.

Paul got between the attacker and the victim and managed to get the knife away from attacker Stuart Parkinson, 37, before forcing a screwdriver out of his hand.

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Jailed: Stuart Parkinson

The victim suffered three puncture wounds to his back, one narrowly missing his left kidney, and two slash wounds to his head.

Mr Turner was praised for his public-spirited actions by Judge Denis Watson at Liverpool Crown Court as Parkinson was jailed for 13 years.

Paul said: “I did this for my boy, this was for Cody - he would be proud.

“He is my world, he would have been a police officer now and he would have done the same. My daughter, who is now 25 year old and doing really well, calls me a hero.

Jailed: Stuart Parkinson

“I am not a hero, it is what you would hope most people would do. Although people today are scared of intervening and the repercussions.

“My wife was really worried because we have lost our son to knife crime and she was scared she could have lost me too.”

Paul had twice pushed Parkinson away who dropped the knife and walked off shouting about the victim, “running his mouth off saying you’re going to do me, well I’ve done you”.

Paul added: “I saw the victim for the first time in court and he just kept thanking me - I told the victim about losing Cody to knife crime and he said he was so sorry.”