Dad’s anger at child neglect

Pic posed by model
Pic posed by model

A DAD has spoken of his anger at the justice system which has allowed the woman who cruelly abused his children to walk free.

Two years ago, the 40-year-old - whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons - informed the police that he had cause to believe his estranged wife had neglected and assaulted her four young children.

She has thrown knives and forks at them and she beat one of the children up with a hairdryer. She pushed the youngest - aged four - down the stairs several times

The 34-year-old woman, who lives in Wigan, denied the allegations but finally admitted the four charges of assault or ill treatment or neglect or abandonment, shortly before her trial was due at Liverpool Crown Court.

The offences date from 2010 to 2013, and include strangling them; suffocating them; pushing them under water; beating them with a hairdryer and leaving them unattended.

She was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment suspended for two years; a 12-month restraining order; a four-month curfew and two year supervision order at the court earlier this month.

Since the matter came to light in July 2013, the three youngest children, now aged 10, eight and six, were taken out of her care, and the dad-of-three took them to his home in Bognor Regis, with his new partner. The eldest daughter, aged 14, who is not biologically his, went to live with her aunt in Wigan,

The man, who is now taking legal advice about what, or if, there is anything else he can do, said: “I feel let down by so many avenues. I feel the justice system has let us down as she is allowed to walk free. I felt only a custodial sentence would be justified for what she put our children through.

“It has had long-term effects, especially on their education. It has left them in a bad way and the psychological effects have been huge.

“I don’t understand how a mother can treat their child like that and be part of the community.

“But at least now we have more closure for the children.

“The things she did to them are unspeakable. She strangled them, held them under water and suffocated them with pillows.

“She has thrown knives and forks at them and she beat one of the children up with a hairdryer. She pushed the youngest - aged four - down the stairs several times.

“She tripped him up, knocking him unconscious. Instead of calling an ambulance she threw water at him to wake him up.

“She has neglected them - their teeth are rotten down to stumps - luckily they were baby teeth, but one of the children lost their adult teeth.

“On occasions, when they arrived to see me they have been smelly, dirty and dishevelled and some of their clothes were soiled.

“One of the children was hardly at school so his education was suffering horrifically.

“We separated after she became violent with me and smashed a plate full of hot food over my head.

“But I never thought that she would deliberately harm the children, otherwise I would have taken them sooner. At the time I didn’t have the space for them and felt they were better with their mum.

“She suffered pancreatitis and had to have Pethidine but she heavily used it, even buying it off the streets, I tried to explain that she needed help and I did as much as it was clear she was not looking after them properly but no-one listened.”