Dad’s King Street warning after son’s attack

John Stazicker, the father of Kieron Stazicker
John Stazicker, the father of Kieron Stazicker

BLOOD was streaming from Kieron Stazicker’s mouth as he wandered in a daze out of the nightclub’s entrance and out onto King Street.

The 19-year-old’s jaw had been shattered and would require numerous surgical procedures to set it again.

For the weeks following last month’s late night attack he could eat only liquidised foods and needed dozens of stitches inside his mouth.

Now Kieron and his family are calling for urgent steps to be taken as violence on Wigan’s popular night scene location threatens to get out of hand.

He told the Evening Post: “I’m done with King Street now. This is the second time I have been attacked for no reason, it’s not worth it.

“There are people who go out looking for a fight, they know there’s a big chance they’ll get away with it.”

Kieron was struck in the jaw while in the toilets of the Hub night spot. Last year he was knocked out while waiting for friends outside a nearby takeaway.

He said: “All I can remember is being in the toilets and then a thud and I could feel my jaw was hanging off.

“I went outside, I can remember my mouth was filling up with blood, I didn’t know what had happened. I wasn’t aware of anyone else being in the toilets.”

The Stazicker family have been told by police officers it is unlikely an investigation will go any further because CCTV footage is not of sufficient quality to identify any suspects.

Kieron’s parents John and Claire are dismayed at what has happened to their son, who asked not to be pictured.

John, 58, who is a taxi driver in the borough, said: “I have friends who have just opened a new bar and they couldn’t get a licence until they had fitted decent CCTV.

“So I think it’s a disgrace the cameras haven’t been able to help in this case. You might as well have no CCTV at all.

“I drop people off in the town centre all the time and you can see some are going out looking for trouble.

“If I’m taking people in who don’t live round here, they’re not there for long before they’ve called back to get picked up.

“It’s giving Wigan a bad name.

“Kieron was minding his own business and in some respects he has been lucky. It could have been far worse.”

Kieron, who works as a quality control officer at Arrox XL, is still recovering from his injuries at his Standish Lower Ground home.

But he will be giving the Wigan night scene a miss from now on.

He said: “With this being the second time I think I’m being told something. I had a bleed on the brain last time.”

John added: “Something needs to be sorted out because people think they can get away with these kind of attacks. It’s happening all the time.”