Dad’s pledge to help unit that saved his son

Newborn Daniel Jones
Newborn Daniel Jones

A WIGAN dad has pledged to raise as much money as possible for the neonatal unit which saved the life of his newborn son.

When Susan Jones became pregnant after years of trying and multiple IVF attempts, her husband, Daniel, was over the moon.

But the couple, from Orrell, were left devastated when, at 36 weeks into the pregnancy, she was hospitalised due to complications.

And when 29-year-old Daniel received a call at 2am in the morning to say his baby was fighting for his life after having to be delivered by emergency C-section, his whole world came crashing down.

Waiting in a room at Wigan Infirmary for hours while his wife and newborn baby - also called Daniel - were being treated by doctors felt like an eternity.

He explained: “It was horrible. I can’t even begin to describe how it felt sitting in that room just waiting for news about Susan and Daniel.

“All I knew was that they both weren’t stable and Daniel couldn’t breathe on his own, it was awful.

“When I finally got to see Susan it was obvious she was in a lot of pain and they still didn’t know how Daniel was. It just felt as though it was never ending.

“Due to Wigan Infirmary not having the essential equipment for Daniel at the time they both had to be transferred to Bolton Hospital where they stayed for eight days before coming back to Wigan.

“It felt like an eternity at the time but I was just so relieved that he had finally got through the worst.”

Little Daniel underwent cooling treatment at Bolton and was eventually transferred back to Wigan where he continued to make progress.

Describing him as a “little miracle”, Susan explained that now at just 10 weeks, their son is back home and is a happy, healthy little baby.

Now Daniel hopes to prevent other parents having to travel to Bolton and has already raised around £1,000 for Wigan Infirmary’s neonatal unit in an attempt to buy essential life-saving equipment.

Susan added: “Daniel is having regular hospital appointments to keep an eye on him, without the cooling treatment his brain damage would have been a lot worse and it’s pretty much saved his life. To look at him today you wouldn’t think anything had happened to him, he’s a very happy boy and always smiling.

“It was so great to get him home and it’s so lovely to see him smile, but other babies don’t get the same chance.

“I’m hoping the money will go towards a special incubator so they can stay at Wigan and don’t need to be transferred. It was luck that we got the bed at Bolton, who knows where we could have ended up.

“Thanks to Wigan neonatal, midwives and consultants for their fast response, we were so well looked after.”