Dad's anger at drug use outside house

A Wigan dad has revealed his growing concerns for his family's safety amid claims that his street is being overrun by drug problems.

Tuesday, 29th August 2017, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:02 pm
David Keane on the path between Dorning Street and Spring Gardens, close to his home, which he says is being used constantly by drug users and buyers

David Keane says Fitzadam Street, which is just off Frog Lane, has been a hotspot for drug users and dealers alike, and that the problem has become so bad in recent weeks that he is afraid to let his own son play out in case he encounters any illicit activity.

“They are doing drugs in the alley way and in the street right outside our house,” he said.

“It’s constant throughout the day. Dealers are coming to our street, buyers are jumping in their car, they do a quick circle and get out in front of our house.

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“I have a disabled child, and there are other kids and elderly people who live here. They are picking drugs and needles in front of their houses.”

David noted that there were no such problems when he first moved to Wigan from Warrington with his wife Amy.

But he believes the recent spike in homelessness has exacerbated the issue, saying: “Since begging has risen, it’s become a big problem.”

David, who has lived on Fitzadam Street for four years, believed his street’s seclusion makes it an ideal space for drug deals to take place.

Neighbours have also grown frustrated after their concerns appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

David said: “The council hasn’t done anything and neither have the police.

“If it doesn’t get dealt with soon, someone could get hurt because people have had enough.

“It has an impact on people in different ways. I used to have my front door open all the time, I’d have a quick chat with the neighbours.

“ Now we can’t, it’s horrible. I can’t even let my son go out and play.”

A number of services are available to drug users seeking help, such as the Wigan and Leigh Recovery Partnership, which can be found at