Dancers one step from losing home

Members of Platt Bridge Morris Dancers in action.
Members of Platt Bridge Morris Dancers in action.

WIGAN dancers are in a desperate race against time to find a new home and stop their group folding.

That’s because the regular training venue for the Platt Bridge Morris Dancers has been sold and they will soon no longer be able to practise there.

Main trainer Susan Wilde today launched an appeal to help the organisation which has been running for 40 years.

The 35-year-old from New Springs said: “We have built ourselves up to be one of the most successful troupes not just in the borough but in the North West.

“It would be a massive gut wrench if we were to lose the dance club because we can’t find a venue. I have been there since I was five years old,

for some of us it’s all we’ve ever known.

“It’s important that we stay open as we not only give young girls the opportunity to travel the country to take part in various competitions, but the dancing ensures a fun way for people to maintain their fitness. And we also have a lot of strong friendships in

the group.

“We go away each year together and some have been life-long friends since the group was established.

“Performing in front of an audience also builds up the girls’ confidence. As a voluntary organisation we are appealing to anybody who may be able to help us find a new suitable venue.”

The group currently has more than 70 members,

age ranging from two years old to 40 plus. Up to now it has been based at Platt Bridge Labour Club but, following its sale, that relationship cannot continue.

Last season the dancers had over 50 wins and gained 13 Championship titles. The girls also raised more than £500 for Cancer Research by running the Race for Life at Haigh Hall.

Susan said: “We all support each other at the group. Last year a team-member’s mum died from cancer and two of our members beat the condition this year.

“It just meant a lot to us to be able to honour each other as we are like a family. We sincerely hope that we don’t have to close down because of this. None of us want to get split up or disbanded. I’m so proud of all we have achieved over the past 40 years and it would break my heart to see all of that gone in an instant.”

The club is aiming to find a new home, big enough to accommodate the troupes.

The group has traditionally trained every Wednesday from 6pm and bosses are looking for a large room that they could use weekly.

Susan added: “We have tried all the local schools, but as we are a voluntary organisation and rely totally on fund-raising from our members, we cannot afford to pay high hourly rates.

“If anybody could help either by offering us a room or sponsoring us for the cost of room hire it would be so much appreciated.”

The Platt Bridge Morris Dancers is holding its annual Open Day on Sunday at Platt Bridge Labour Club.

Here the girls will showcase their new dances to family and friends and will also be crowning the Miss PB royalty.

For more information or to help the group in its search for a new location contact Susan Wilde on 07812 470815 or email