Deal Or No Deal winner to travel the world

Paddy Roberts with his jackpot box from Deal Or No Deal
Paddy Roberts with his jackpot box from Deal Or No Deal

A LUCKY Wigan teenager is splashing his new found cash after making TV history.

Paddy Roberts is planning to travel the world after becoming the first man to win the £250,000 jackpot on Channel Four’s Deal Or No Deal show.

In fact by the time you read this the Garswood 19-year-old should be sunning himself on the Greek Island, Falaraki, just to escape the fuss.

But before he left, he took time out to speak to the Wigan Evening Post at his mum’s butty shop.

He said he found it “quite easy” to hide his big win from all but close family and friends since the programme was shot way back in March.

But he added: “It’s been absolutely mental since the show aired on Monday. The phone has not stopped buzzing! I just needed to go away now while everything at home calms down because I can’t go anywhere without people approaching me. It’s great but so overwhelming. I went to my local pub, the Railway in Garswood, on Monday to celebrate and I couldn’t move for people congratulating me and buying me drinks.

“I’m taking my best friend Jake Wilson and his mum, Sam Pemberton, away with me because they took me to Turkey a couple of years ago and I just wanted to return the favour. They’re like a second family to me - I’m always around at their house.”

The former Wigan and Leigh College student entered the show just weeks after his mum, Amanda Ryder, 42, opened her new business, Amanda’s Sandwich Shop in Garswood’s Station Road. And working at the cafe at the time, Paddy filmed the show with just 67p in his bank account. Six weeks later the pounds came rolling in when he confidently opened the last box to find he’d scooped the top prize.

He added: “It still doesn’t feel real. When I opened it everybody just jumped on me. Waiting for the money to be deposited into my bank felt like the longest six weeks of my life. I waited up until midnight the night before and just stared and my bank balance on the phone - to me it was just figures and numbers. I’ve watched the show for years with my nan, Emily. When she passed away in 2010 I just wanted to enter in her memory. I didn’t think that all of this would become a reality. The best thing is that I can just do things now that I thought I’d never been able to.”

In the audience throughout the whole show was Amanda and she was his first priority when he won.

Paddy said: “I couldn’t have done it without my mum - she’s been there for me the whole way. And it’s just been the best experience of my entire life and I’ve definitely made some life-long friends. I still keep in touch with everybody from the show. I treated my mum and my family after the win because she’s always helped me no matter what. I just wanted to give something back to her.”

Paddy currently lives at home with Amanda, step-dad Kevin and his 21-year-old sister, Megan. He will return to reality in September when he begins studying photography at St Helens College and working part time the cafe. But before then he is looking forward to the end of a busy summer.

He added: “This has just given me a whole new sense of freedom. I love festivals so I’m going to a lot of those. I have also bought a new phone and a car - even though I haven’t passed my driving test yet - and my favourite purchase is my TV for my room. I received advice and invested most of the money though.”

Amanda said: “More than anything I’m just so proud of the way he’s conducted himself throughout the experience. The amount of people who have come up to me to say what a lovely lad he is and how warm and welcoming he is is just wonderful for a mum to hear.”