Death leap

A Wigan man with a history of alcohol problems died after falling from the 11th floor of a block of flats, an inquest heard.

John Millington, of Boyswell House, in Scholes, was killed instantly after jumping from the window of his council flat on November 17.

He was found by a resident who was on his way to work shortly after 6am. Paramedics were called, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bolton Coroner's Court heard how the 51-year-old, who lived alone, had struggled to come to terms with the death of his brother, David, two years earlier and had started drinking heavily.

He also suffered with leg and back pain, which had caused him to self-harm on two previous occasions.

Mark Millington told the inquest his brother had not worked for almost 20 years and had become increasingly isolated in the year before his death.

He revealed that the family had offered support to Mr Millington, but he would often refuse help.

Consultant psychologist Dr James Pandarakalam told the court Mr Millington had been admitted for assessment in March 2009, but turned down help for his alcohol problems.

Dr Pandarakalam said Mr Millington was a heavy drinker but had not shown any suicidal tendencies.

Consultant pathologist Dr James Harrison, who conducted a post-mortem, said Mr Millington had died from multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a considerable height.

He said a toxicology report showed a small amount of alcohol and prescription medication in Mr Millington's blood and urine. However, the amount of alcohol was below the legal drink drive limit and would not have caused intoxication.

Det Sgt Ian Melling, of Wigan Police, said an investigation had concluded there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Millington's death.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh recorded a narrative verdict stating Mr Millington had taken his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.

After the inquest Mr Millington's brother, Mark, said: "We're all shocked and saddened by what's happened. It's just a shame that intervention couldn't have been made sooner."

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