Death warrant for eyesore

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A JUDGE has signed a death sentence for Wigan’s biggest eyesore.

An injunction has been against owner of skip firm McCann Plant (NW), James Manning, ordering him to remove the mountain of rubbish, pictured left, towering over its abandoned yard in New Springs. If he doesn’t, he faces jail.

The order from Liverpool County Court says that Mr Manning has until February to shift the stinking 40ft-high artificial hill which at one stage was so unstable it was spilling over a boundary fence on to the towpath and angry anglers and walkers using the Leeds and Liverpool canal below.

The victory was hailed by Council cabinet and ward member Chris Ready who has been strongly urging the watchdog Environment Agency to take legal action against McCann and its successor companies.

Furious neighbours have also become increasingly vocal, driven by their growing health fears over a possible vermin infestation.

Rotting waste, smells and occasional fires, along with the look of the abandoned site, were infuriating neighbouring businesses on the site, formerly Kirkless NCB regional pit workshops.

Attempts to police the site have been dogged by the fact that the owners did not have a licence for the dumping, so could not be held to the normal terms which permits include.

The firm was fined £50,000 last year for operating without legal approval, and there has been further tipping at the compound for more than a year.