Delivery driver delivers his own son

Ben Heppenstall and fiancee Rachel Smith, with baby Kobi James
Ben Heppenstall and fiancee Rachel Smith, with baby Kobi James

A SUPERMARKET driver celebrated his birthday with an exceptional delivery – a new son!

Baby Kobi Heppenstall was in such a rush to join in dad Ben’s party he suddenly arrived before paramedics could get there - which left the Wigan Tesco delivery man turning midwife.

With ambulance experts booming out encouragement and advice down his mobile phone, Ben coolly helped his fiancee welcome Kobi into the world.

He even ended up, under direction, cutting the infant’s umbilical cord.

Mum Rachel Smith and first child Kobi James – who weighed in at 5lb 12oz – are both doing fine.

And Ben, 23, admits that he is still buzzing after such a dramatic turn of medical events.

He is also ready for plenty of gentle ribbing when the Orrell family take their pride and joy into see colleagues at the Central Park Way store.

Ben could certainly have earned a packet if he had placed a wager on his son being born on his own birthday.

Particularly as Kobi needed to arrive a month early to achieve the feat.

Ben said: “They took Rachel into hospital on the Wednesday because she had an inflammation but then they sent her back home the following day and it was my birthday on the Friday.

“We were having a rest in bed but Rachel kept needing to go to the toilet every 10 minutes which, unbeknown to us, was a sign that she was starting to go into labour.

“She felt something and asked me to have a look ... and I could see it was the baby’s head crowning.

“I got her back on the bed and dialled 999 and they said straight away that I was going to have to deliver the baby.

“I put it on speaker phone and because there was only us two in the house I thought to myself, I’m just going to have to get on with it.

“Rachel gave three pushes and I guided him out.

“It all happened so quickly I didn’t have time to worry about it.

“I had just wrapped him up and put him on her chest as the paramedics pulled up outside.

“They clamped the umbilical and then they said, ‘here you are, you have done everything else, you might as well cut the cord as well!

“We all went to the hospital for some checks but it was all good and here we are now.

“All in all it was quite a birthday...and he is quite some present from Rachel to me.

“There’s no getting away from it - he wanted to join in my party!”