Dementia pods supplied to help dementia patients

Wigan Infirmary
Wigan Infirmary

PATIENTS suffering from dementia at Wigan Infirmary are set to step back in time thanks to charitable donations.

An innovative new venture to help tackle memory loss is being introduced to Standish Ward which health chiefs say will help stimulate those with the condition.

Demetia pods use pop-up rooms designed to be reminiscent of a bygone era to help reassure patients who suffer from the disease.

They are set up like rooms from past decades and are used to help calm patients in hospitals and care homes by taking them back to more familiar times.

Designed in retro themes they are filled with authentic furniture and memorabilia which is hoped to get patients living with dementia to talk about the memories they still retain.

The pods have been paid for by the charitable funds raised by WWL’s Finance Charity Fund-raising Committee (FCFC), which last year paid for a new multi-sensory room on the children’s Rainbow Ward. The charity chooses a new beneficiary each year to help improve the environment for patients and relatives.

Michelle Greenall, Standish ward manager, said: “The dementia pods will be absolutely fantastic, they are literally pop up reminiscence rooms and work by turning any care space into a therapeutic and calming environment.

“They simply pop up or down, when needed so are ideal for a ward environment. Often patients with dementia have difficulties communicating and have lost recent memories and so these will be a wonderful aid for interaction between staff and our patients.”

The pods have been in circulation since 2009 and supplied to over 150 NHS trusts, care homes, day-centres and care charities across the UK.

Jean Ramsdale, Lead Nurse for Older People and Dementia, says: “The dementia pods will offer grounding and inner peace for people with dementia.

“They will also help to relieve boredom, work as a meaningful ‘fun’ activity and most importantly, build better care bonds between staff and our patients, helping to raise care standards.

“We are absolutely thrilled and grateful that FCFC have raised money for this innovative initiative.”