Depressed wife ended own life

A woman died after taking a cocktail of anti-depressants - Joan Woodward, 63, was found dead by her husband at their home in Taylor Road, Haydock on June 17 last year.

A post mortem found various medication in her system, including benecol and diazepam.

Mrs Woodward had attempted suicide twice since 2001, when she was diagnosed with depression. Since her last attempt in 2005 her husband had monitored her medication.

Coroner's officer Linda Roberts said at an inquest in St Helens that Mrs Woodward's husband found her in her bed at 10am. He had last checked on her the previous night at 11.20pm, when she had been "sound asleep."

The following morning, she continued, he had gone to wake her around 10am.

"She would not move when he tried to wake her," she said.

An ambulance was called but doctors pronounced Mrs Woodward dead at 10.21am.

She had left several notes. One, addressed to her husband, read: "My darling husband, I can't take any more of this illness. Forgive me."

Coroner Christopher Sumner said that, due to the previous suicide attempts, her history of depression and the notes, a verdict of suicide should be recorded.