Diabetes warning over soft sugary drinks

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WIGANERS are being warned about the possible dangers of drinking too many soft drinks - especially in conjunction with an unhealthy diet and low excercise levels.

The warning came after European scientists claimed that having just one soft sugary drink per day can increase someone’s likelihood of getting Type II diabetes by a fifth.

Dr Tim Dalton, chair of the Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Maintaining a balanced diet to remain the right weight is really important in staying healthy.

“It’s easy to forget that what you drink as well as what you eat can make a difference to your weight and your overall health. The accumulation of sugar and calories in some cans of pop can soon add up if you drink them regularly.”

However, while health bosses agree in principle with the findings, they stress the evidence it is not definitive and maintaining a healthy weight is the most important factor.

The latest research was carried out across several European countries. Some 350,000 individuals were questioned about their diet, as part of a large European study looking at links between diet and cancer.

“The consumption of sugar sweetened soft drinks increases your risk of diabetes - so for every can of soft drinks that you drink per day, the risk is higher,” lead researcher Dora Romaguera from Imperial College London told BBC News.

An increased risk of diabetes was also linked to drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks, but this disappeared when body mass index was taken into account.