Disabled gran’s car set on fire

The scene at Prestt Grove where Linda Bennett's window was smashed and car set alight
The scene at Prestt Grove where Linda Bennett's window was smashed and car set alight

A DISABLED Wigan grandmother suffered an angina attack as thugs smashed her front window and firebombed her car.

Linda Bennett, who struggles so much with walking that she cannot even climb her own stairs, today spoken of the horrifying incident in the early hours of Monday morning. The 60-year-old was woken at 3am when she heard the crash of breaking glass as the window at the front of her house on Prestt Grove, Worsley Mesnes, was smashed in.

Then, as she assessed the damage, a neighbour knocked on her back door saying that her car was ablaze at the back.

The Ford Focus, which is now a total write-off, is invaluable to Mrs Bennett who needs it to travel around with her mobility extremely limited. “It’s absolutely horrible, I have no idea who would do something like this,” she told the Wigan Evening Post.

“They’ve done this to a disabled person. That car acts as my legs, I struggle to walk, I just can’t cope without a car.

“The fire totally burnt out the electrical system so it is a write-off.

“I’ve got another five weeks left on the contract for the car and I was due to go to look at another today because I can’t walk any distances.

“I also suffer from angina and as a result of all the stress, I suffered an attack.

“If anyone knows anything, I’d ask them to come forward with any information to catch whoever is responsible, it would be very much appreciated.”

Mrs Bennett was in the property with her daughter Claire at the time. She has joined police in launching an appeal for anyone to come forward with any information as she revealed this isn’t the first time she has been targeted in such an horrific incident.

“I heard the window go but I didn’t know which one, so I went to the back of the house and had a look but couldn’t see anything,” she added.

“I have to sleep in the living room because I can’t get up the stairs.

“I then went to the front and saw all the glass on the floor. The next thing I know there’s a knock at my door and there was a man telling me my car was on fire and the engine was ready for blowing.

“I phoned the fire brigade straight away and then I then the police came too.

“I’ve lived here for 40 years and it’s a shame because there’s nice folk around here but being disabled, it’s not the place to live.

“I’ve never done anything to anyone. I was targeted quite a few years ago and they had to block my letterbox because someone had put petrol and matches through it.”

Police are now looking into a reports of a potential suspect fleeing the scene and are asking anyone with any information to come forward.

A GMP spokesman said: “The fire service called us at 3.06am following the deliberate ignition of a red Ford Focus.

“The incident is being treated as arson but nobody has been arrested.

“We are looking into reports of a person seen fleeing from the scene. Inquiries are ongoing.”