Disabled pensioner rescued from flood

Luke Plass helps the lady away from her car and the flood water
Luke Plass helps the lady away from her car and the flood water
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A DISABLED pensioner marooned in her waterlogged car was rescued by a good samaritan after torrential rain continued to cause chaos in Wigan.

At the flooded Robin Park roundabout near Asda, the elderly woman’s attempts at ploughing on came to grief. Her car stalled and she realised she couldn’t open her door because of the pressure of the water outside.

It was a desperate situation for the woman until Luke Plass, who was carrying out landscape maintenance work at Robin Park, came to her aid.

The 40-year-old said: “I just saw the lady stranded in her car. The water was up to her feet and she was sounding her horn and waving her disabled badge. She couldn’t open the door because of the water pressure so I went and got her from the car and took her to the Robin Park security office to get her a cup of tea and get her dry.

“She was shaken up but she is OK and is very grateful.”

The road next to Asda was later closed as a result of the floods.

Store manager Simon O’Hara said: “Obviously a lot of water has come down and flooded the roads next to Asda. It hasn’t affected us as a store, we are trading as normal. The vans are getting stuck in traffic, of course, but our doors are open for our customers as usual. The roads around the store do not belong to us so we have no control or say over them.

“Personally I liaise with the police frequently to check the safety of our customers getting into the store and the current condition of the road. I am also in close liaison with our head office to inform them of any flood updates but currently there is no concern.

“We are just keeping an eye out in case of any emergencies.”