Disabled pensioner trapped in fire

Chisworth Close, in Leigh. Picture from Google Maps
Chisworth Close, in Leigh. Picture from Google Maps

A DISABLED pensioner was rescued by firefighters after he was trapped in his burning home.

Crews from Atherton and Leigh were called to a bungalow Chisworth Close, Leigh, at 11am on Wednesday after a smoke alarm linked to a sheltered housing call centre alerted the fire service.

The 83-year-old man had left the cooker on too long, which set alight to nearby items.

As he was in a wheelchair, he was trapped in the hallway, which was heavily smoke-logged.

Crews entered his home and assisted him out, They then carried the burning materials out the building.

Watch manager Gary Mercer said: “Luckily he had a smoke alarm. Had we got there any later, it could have been a lot more serious.

“We warn people not to leave items, such as tea towels, oven gloves and plastics near your ovens or near hobs.

“The elderly gentleman suffered from smoke inhalation and was seen to by paramedics.”