Disabled teen beaten up for second time

Michael Disley after his attack
Michael Disley after his attack

THESE are the terrible injuries inflicted by thugs during an attack on a disabled Wigan teenager.

Michael Disley has today bravely spoken out about the attack earlier this month, the second of its kind in less than eight months.

The 19-year-old was walking along Lancaster Road to his mother’s house in Hindley on June 4 when two people pushed him to the ground, causing him to smash his face on the pavement.

As Michael – who has learning disabilities and Asperger’s syndrome – tried to get to his feet the thugs then punched him back down.

He said: “I was walking back from my ex-girlfriend’s and they jumped me from behind.

“They didn’t say anything at all. I felt a hand push me and I went down and smashed all my face.

“I tried getting back up and they punched me back down. I ran off and the police must have been on another job and they saw me and took me home.

“I went to hospital and the police came in and took a statement.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Michael has fallen victim to a mindless and brutal assault.

Just eight months ago, on the same road, he was chased and assaulted by three men.

It is having a huge impact on the teenager’s confidence. Despite his disabilities, Michael is independent and enjoys going out and socialising as much as possible.

It was his decision to move to sheltered accommodation in nearby Platt Bridge but he has now temporarily moved back in with his mother and step-father who have also spoken out about the attack.

They are unhappy those caught for the last assault went away unpunished.

His step-father Les Watkinson said: “When they arrested the other blokes for the first attack it didn’t get to court because they apologised.

“It cost Michael £140 for a new pair of glasses and now he has to go through it all again because they have been smashed again.

“We said to the police this time that we’re not letting this one go even if it’s just to pay for his glasses.

“Michael is a vulnerable adult, he has learning difficulties and Asperger’s which is why he’s being targeted.”

The teenager’s mother, Diane Disley, added: “We don’t want to bad-mouth the police because we were just lucky they were there but something needs to be done.

“He’s not a trouble-maker, he doesn’t have a fighting bone in his body which is why he can’t defend himself.

“They know Michael around Hindley and know he’s not a fighter so they will get a kick out of that and he’s targeted because of his disability. It’s just sick isn’t it?

“We just want anyone who saw anything that night to come forward now and help catch those responsible.”

Michael admits that the two attacks have had an effect on him.

All he wants to do is lead a full and independent life but now feels he is being prevented from doing so.

“It scared me last time but I got over it and now it has happened again,” Michael added.

“I’ve got my own place in Platt Bridge but my mum wants me to stay at her house for a bit now.

“I’ve been getting lifts to and from my friends now so I’m safe.

“I love going out, I’m never in, I go roller-skating on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Before these attacks, I’ve never really had anything too bad.

“I had silly name calling but that didn’t get to me and I was bullied all the way through school. Before this I used to just go to the skating rink and no-one had problems with me.

“Now I’ve been attacked twice, both in Hindley and not where Platt Bridge where I live, I don’t get it.”

Sadly, Michael didn’t get a great look at his attackers but did see there were two of them and they were wearing hoodies.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen anything in the area of Lancaster Road to come forward,

A GMP spokesman said: “At 11.55pm, officers were alerted to a man who said he was going to his mum’s when two men pushed him to the ground from behind.

“When he tried to get up, they punched him back down. Unfortunately he can’t identify anyone and there is no CCTV showing the assault.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have been in the area at the time to come forward and help find those responsible”

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or independent charity anonymously on 0800 555111.