‘Dishonest’ doctor told lies to get new job at infirmary

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A “DISHONEST” doctor told lies about her career in a bid to land a job at Wigan Infirmary, a hearing was told.

Dr Joanna Ghigo applied for a post in obstetrics and gynaecology at the hospital last year.

In her application for the post she said she was still working as a locum at the Countess of Chester Hospital when she had not been employed there since July 2011.

When quizzed at interview she again lied about her employment situation, the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service heard.

Dr Ghigo is accused of misconduct at the hearing in Manchester, which if proved could lead to sanctions from her professional regulator.

“The behaviour in this incidence was repeated and can only lead to the conclusion that this doctor was dishonest in relation to the application form and in interview,” said Sharon Beattie, for the General Medical Council.

“Dr Ghigo was employed as a locum in obstetrics and gynaecology at a hospital in Chester until July 2011.

“However she filled in the application form in 2012 for a post at the Wigan Royal Infirmary.

“It was filled in, in such a way as to indicate she was still in a post at Chester and when asked in interview about employment indicated that she was in employment in Chester. This was untrue.”

Dr Ghigo is not present or represented at the tribunal, but applied in writing for an adjournment because she is caring for her sick mother in Malta.

But the panel rejected the application and decided that the hearing should continue in her absence.

The panel was told that in earlier correspondence with the GMC the medic claimed she had been “distressed at the time of the interview.”

Ms Beattie said: “You may feel it is inconceivable that even when distressed or disoriented one would think they were working in a hospital that they had not been near for nearly a year.”

Dr Ghigo qualified as a doctor at the University of Malta in 1997.

If the allegations are found proved and the panel rule her fitness to work is impaired Dr Ghigo could face a period of conditional practice, suspension or erasure from the medical register.