Dismay as housing meeting is cancelled

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POLICE were called after an open meeting for housing plans was brought to an abrupt end.

A large crowd, estimated to be more than 300, gathered at the Owls pub in Standish to view proposed developments for the Standish Court Golf Club site, Rectory Lane.

But the meeting was cancelled by representatives from Morris Homes and Persimmon, owners of the site, and two officers attended after reports of “rowdy behaviour”.

Coun Gareth Fairhurst, who has campaigned against more housing in Standish, said: “It was unbelievable, I have never seen anything like it. I think it was purely a box ticking exercise on behalf of the housing developers to say that they had consulted with residents about their plans.

“If they thought they would show up and not get any flak then they underestimated us. The people of Standish have come together to show that we don’t need any more houses.

“They answered none of our concerns, cancelled the meeting and then called the police.”

The site of the 250 strong housing development with leisure facilities has been the subject of speculation for months and the golf club was destroyed by fire in September.

A spokesperson for the developers, said: “We were looking to share our thoughts about how the site could be developed with local residents.”

They said they were disappointed at the disruption and had no choice but to bring the meeting to a premature end.

They added: “We want to hear people’s views but not in this manner.”

A police spokesperson confirmed they had received a call at 6.50pm on Tuesday and no arrests had been made.