Documentary review moves on to next stage

Don't Blame the Council
Don't Blame the Council
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WIGAN Council’s internal investigation into controversial documentary Don’t Blame the Council is now focusing on senior management.

Councillors were instructed not to bring up the show at Wednesday’s meeting of the full council chamber because they could jeopardise the review process.

It’s more around the bigger picture. We’re now trawling our way through e-mails

Wigan Council chief executive Donna Hall

Environment services manager Terry Dunn has already been temporarily relieved of his duties and those featured in the programme have all been interviewed.

Chief executive Donna Hall said the focus was now on the managers involved in the process of signing the programme off.

She said: “We would like (the internal review) to be done quickly. It’s the actions that led to the film coming out in the way that it did (which is now the focus). Who saw it, how was it allowed who signed the contract, all that kind of build-up to it.

“It’s not about the staff that were in it, it’s now about the management that got us into that position.

“It’s more around the bigger picture. We’re now trawling our way through e-mails.”

Mayor Sue Loudon stamped out any attempts to discuss the documentary during the meeting.

She said after the conclusion: “Whatever happens, we want the right ending to the inquiry and if there is an appeal and obviously councillors will be part of that process so if they start to discuss it here - if I was a union rep, I would be saying ‘that’s not fair, you’re having a discussion beforehand.’

“And there will be an opportunity when we’ve got an outcome, we will be able to discuss it then because we will be completely free. But we can’t discuss it at the moment, it would be very difficult.

“You can’t make decision on something you’ve seen on television. You’ve not seen the whole interview, you don’t know what was really said, we’ve got to look further back than that.”