Dog dumped in a wheelie bin

Leigh Cats and Dogs Home animal welfare assistant James Harrison with the Yorkie found in a wheelie bin in Norley Hall
Leigh Cats and Dogs Home animal welfare assistant James Harrison with the Yorkie found in a wheelie bin in Norley Hall

EVIL pet owners dumped a tiny dog in a wheelie bin and left it for dead.

The distressed Yorkshire Terrier was lucky to be alive when found by a binman in Skiddaw Place, Norley.

An investigation has now been launched by the RSPCA. It is understood the owner told council officers she thought the pet was dead.

Neighbours said all of the bins in the street were put out the night before in plummeting temperatures.

A shocked resident who lives in the cul-de-sac and witnessed the animal’s discovery said: “I’m just so upset by the whole thing as are a lot of people around here – I can’t believe it.

“I have pets, so it has hit me especially hard. I just don’t understand how anybody could do something so cruel.

“I remember it so clearly, everybody was looking in that direction so I asked a binman what was happening and he told me that a dog was in the bin.

“You could see the poor dog trying to scramble up the side of the bin to try and get out, it was unbelievable.”

Word rapidly spread round the estate within hours of the discovery.

Another resident said: “It’s absolutely disgusting to think how anybody could do that to a little dog.

“Even if it was dead, you don’t put a dog in a bin. I can’t even say how sickening it is.”

Another added: “I think it’s just disgusting and was made worse by the fact that there were lots of schoolchildren around who witnessed it.”

Pemberton councillor Jeanette Prescott is now asking all residents to alert the authorities if they witness any case of animal mistreatment.

She said: “I’m horrified at the news, I don’t understand the mentality of these people if they can do something like that. I just feel sorry for the little dog, I hope he survives and gets re-homed and sees what a loving family can be like.

“And I hope these people are never allowed to have a dog again, they certainly don’t deserve it – they should be ashamed of themselves.”

The dog would have faced an almost certain death if it wasn’t found by the council’s street cleansing team. Now, the Yorkshire Terrier is being cared for by staff at Leigh Cats and Dogs Home while investigations are under way.

Terry Dunn, director of environment at Wigan Council, said: “The dog was in a distressed state. Our staff recovered the animal and alerted the council’s dog control officer. It was taken to Leigh Cats and Dogs Home where it was seen by a vet.

“The owner, who claimed she believed the dog was dead, was warned by council staff that this is a serious case of animal mistreatment. We have informed the RSPCA. The dog will remain at the home until the RSPCA have completed their investigation.”