Dog enjoys cutting edge surgical procedures

Injured dog Jack was rescued by Brian Connolly, left, pictured with Anrich practice manager James Western
Injured dog Jack was rescued by Brian Connolly, left, pictured with Anrich practice manager James Western

HERES one Jack Russell terrier whose nick name at a Wigan vets has been typically hard-earned.

Lucky, as the tenacious dog was soon dubbed by staff, was found wandering in the Hindley area by kind hearted dog lover Brian Connolly with a matted and unkept coat and a pronounced limp to his right hind leg.

They rushed him to emergency care and x-rays at Anrich Veterinary Hospital would reveal that the poor canine scrap had a badly broken leg after, may be, being hit by a vehicle.

Although microchipped, a little detective work revealed he was found to be registered to an address in Stockport under the name of Casper.

But sadly the registered owners failed to update their details and the phone number was no longer increasingly common problem if owners move house or change phone numbers.

Mr and Mrs Connolly decided to give the little waif a chance and agreed to fix his injury and foster him for the 28 day period allocated for stray dogs to be claimed.

If no-one comes forward, they are thinking of adopting him.

But will be changing his name to Jack...

Principal vet at Anrich, Richard Weston, said that the terrier was admitted to hospital for repair of his broken leg and X-rays showed that he had sustained a fracture across his femur, or thigh bone, just above the knee.

Because it was very close to the joint, Mr Weston decided to fix the bone using an ‘external fixator’ which is essentially a scaffold structure around the leg with pins into the bone to hold the leg completely still while the bone heals. It will be removed in a month or so once the leg has healed.

Mr Weston said: “The poor little fella looked very sorry for himself when he came round from the anaesthetic and found himself with an enormous bandage on his sore leg!

“However he soon picked up at home with the Connollys and their German Shepherd Dogs Molly and Bearded Collie Maisie.

“It is like he has always been there with Molly, especially, enjoying having a small pal to take care of.

“From being a little stray scavenging for scraps, to being hit by a car and left on the side of a road, and now being fostered in a loving new home, his life is most certainly now starting to look up.”