Dog law attacked by crime chief

Crime news
Crime news

WIGAN’S crime commissioner says the government has missed an opportunity to bring in new laws to prevent fatal dog attacks.

Although welcoming tougher sentences for owners who allow their animals to attack, Greater Manchester’s Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd has voiced disappointment after parliament voted against bringing in dog control notices as the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill was debated in the House of Commons yesterday.

Backed by Bolton West MP Julie Hilling and the family of Jade Anderson, 14, who was tragically killed in a dog attack earlier this year, dog control notices would force irresponsible dog owners to control their pets and help prevent attacks said Mr Lloyd.

Now he is calling on the government to rethink the legislation as it moves into the House of Lords and will be calling on peers to push for this amendment.

Mr Lloyd said: “I really welcome tougher sentences for people who allow their dogs to attack but prevention is better than cure.

Dog control notices would force irresponsible owners to control their animals before it gets to the stage that someone is seriously injured or killed.

On Friday the stepfather of Jade burst into tears after the pets’ owner Beverley Concannon was spared jail. Michael Anderson said he was ‘devastated’ after the unemployed mother-of-five was allowed to walk free from court.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to charge Concannon, with manslaughter by gross negligence because of a lack of evidence.