Dog that bit my son is still roaming free

Karl Koppel with son Callum
Karl Koppel with son Callum

A WIGAN dad is angry the dog that savaged his son has been allowed back on his street.

Callum Koppel, of Aspull, was bitten by an Alsatian living nearby and police took the pet away while officers investigated the incident.

The animal punctured both sides of the 10-year-old’s leg during a frenzied attack outside his St John’s Road address.

Police were called and the mutt was taken away by specially trained officers.

Callum’s dad, Karl, was hoping the dog would not be allowed back, fearing for the safety of his son and other children in the area.

But despite the extent of Callum’s injuries, and the devastating effect the attack has had on the St David’s Primary pupil, it was returned to its owners this week on the provision it would be secured using a lead when in public.

Its owners, who will not face any criminal charge, were given a police community warning and advised to use a muzzle for the dog.

However, the Wigan Evening Post has been told by police this aspect of the order is not compulsory.

Karl, 49, said: “I cannot believe the dog has been returned after it bit my son. He had to go into hospital and was in such a shock.

“To make matters worse, the owners now have another Alsatian, meaning that if one dog was to attack again, it would be hard to prove which one had done it.

“The dog is up and down the street and when I ring the police, they say they cannot come out to us and just give me a log number.

“The whole thing is a joke. I want to know why the police have not taken any action.”

Since the attack, Callum and Karl have gained advice from Victim Support and the youngster has been given an alarm to sound when a dog comes near him.

Members of Wigan Council’s safer environment team have also visited the owners and issued a warning.

But Karl wants more to be done and plans to set up a petition to remove the dog from the area.

He said: “I want to speak to the former Bolton MP Julie Hilling, who has campaigned for tougher dangerous dog laws in the wake of Jade Anderson’s death. I won’t give up.”

A police spokesman said: “An Alsatian was seized by pet medics whilst an investigation was carried out. The incident was resolved using restorative justice and the dog was returned with strict conditions for the owners to follow.”

Alan Blundell, assistant director for regulation services at Wigan Council, said: “Following this incident, Wigan Council’s safer environment team issued a warning letter to the dog’s owner.

“This letter tells the owner that they must ensure their dog is under control at all times and to keep them secure when unsupervised.”