Dogs die after antifreeze poisoning

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A DEVASTATED pet owner has warned of the danger of antifreeze after two dogs died after they were believed to have consumed the substance.

Two canines from the Newtown area suffered symptoms associated with the poisoning before they passed away within six days of each other.

Their devastated owners now want to make people aware of the dangers that antifreeze imposes to animals.

Miniature schnauzer Poppy was a healthy and happy dog but all of a sudden she became ill.

Nine-year-old Poppy was regularly taken for walks around Alexandra Park and it is believed that it was in this vicinity that she consumed the substance.

Owner Lindsay Havard said: “Poppy was a healthy and happy dog so it came as a real shock when we had to take her to the vets.

“She started having fits and other symptoms which are associated with antifreeze poisoning.

“At that point, though, we didn’t know what it could be and we took her to the vets as she had never suffered anything like this before.

“They did blood tests on her and we ended up taking her to a specialist vets.

“At first they thought she had suffered a stroke but when the rest of the symptoms are put together, it isn’t anything like that.

“She became increasingly more thirsty leading up to the day she died, drinking about five or six bowls of water a day which was far, far more than ever.”

Unfortunately, just days after falling ill Poppy died.

As it became clear that anti-freeze poisoning was the most likely cause of death, another dog known to Lindsay also died with similar symptoms.

Again, it was a young dog who was healthy and suffered the same symptoms. Michelle had got to know the dog and its owner through walking through Alexandra Park.

Michelle added: “Misty was six and a little bigger than Poppy, which is probably why it took her a little longer to pass away.

“But the symptoms were exactly the same. We both approach the park from different angles so there must have been some sort of spillage in the area.

“I’m not looking to attribute blame at all, I just want to make dog owners aware but also the general public aware that anti-freeze is toxic and can kill animals.

“We are absolutely devastated at losing Poppy and don’t want any other family to go through the same experience.”

Symptoms animals suffering from anti-freeze poisoning show include:

Seeming depressed or sleepy

Appearing drunk and uncoordinated

Seizures (fits)

Difficulty breathing

Increased thirst

Increased urination