Dogs rescued in fire

Fire service
Fire service

HAIR straighteners sparked a fire which led to two dogs being rescued from a house in Wigan.

The straighteners were left on in a bedroom in Wigan Road, Ashton, and set fire to clothes and the carpet at 6pm on Tuesday.

Occupants of the house, which included a woman in her 40s and four girls aged in their teens and early 20s, fled the house and called the fire service.

Two dogs were trapped inside and crews from Wigan using breathing apparatus led them out to safety,

The blaze caused damage to the carpet, floorboards and the property to be heavily smoke-logged.

Crew manager Tony Callaghan said: “A teenage girl had left her straighteners on the carpet and it set fire to surrounding clothes, causing a bit of damage to the bedroom.

“We warn people never to leave them on and to place them on a fire proof mat.

“We got the call as a person’s reported but when we arrived everyone was out of the house. We entered using breathing apparatus and had to get two dogs out.

“Luckily no-one was hurt.”