Dogs win the day in tail of top two pets

Do you love a puss or prefer a pooch?

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 7:00 am
Ellie Johnston is a dog lover - she posted this picture of her pooch on our Facebook page

According to statistics cats are the most popular pets in the world, but an online poll by our website suggests that in Wigan, dogs are firm favourites.

In a vote posted on Twitter on which animal makes the better pet, 78 per cent of Wiganers said dogs, with cats lagging behind on 22 per cent – though on the Wigan Evening Post’s 
Facebook page, cats fared better.

So what is it about dogs that make them better pets; their tail-wagging, ball-chasing cheeriness? And what is it about cats that make them the perfect pet; their smooth, not-a-care-in-the-world attitude and independence?

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Ziggy and Stella having a snuggle (above)  picture posted by Matt Allinson

Here’s what Wiganers had to say:

Louise Charlton said: “Dogs for me, they become a family member and are loyal.”

Karl Hampson said: “I have a dog and a cat, I have always had both. They are great company and very loyal.”

Maxine Mulrooney said: “Cats, for their unconditional love and standoffish nature.

Ziggy and Stella having a snuggle (above)  picture posted by Matt Allinson

Julie Marie Roughley said: Dogs for us – they’re our little babies and a very big part of the family.”

Barbara Noakes Lane said: “Give me a dog any time, love them.”

Andy Bond said: “Cats are easier to look after than dogs, they don’t need walking!”

Martyn Wedge is definitely a cat man. He said: “Cats are extremely loving. And 
caring. And loyal. And intelligent. I’ve had dogs, but cats are so much more loving. And if you train a cat properly they are a better companion.”

Joanne Smith said: “I love dogs because they can be trained so easily and provide companionship and I love my cats because they are independent yet very, very loving.”

Liz Sherriff said: “I’ve got two dogs and a cat. Love them all but you definitely get more from a dog. Cats are too fickle.”

Samantha Jayne said: “Cats for me but I don’t mind dogs, they are lovely too.”