‘Don’t be a victim like my lovely Joanne’

Joanne Harrison
Joanne Harrison
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The distraught father of a young mum brutally murdered by her partner says he hopes his daughter’s death will give others in a similar position the courage to walk away.

Joanne Harrison died earlier this year at her home in Worsley Hall, after being stabbed to death by Christopher Foley.

Killer Christopher Foley

Killer Christopher Foley

The jury at Liverpool Crown Court heard that 20-year-old Joanne had a staggering 36 injuries - some old and some new - when she died.

Jailing Foley for life Judge Mark Brown branded him “an abusive violent partner”.

He said: “In my judgement you treated her very badly and there is no doubt you assaulted her many times. This was a brutal act committed upon Joanne in the family home where she should have been able to feel secure and safe.”

In an moving interview with the Wigan Observer, her dad, Trevor Harrison admits her family knew Foley mistreated the mum-of-one but had no idea of the true extent of his violence.

Mr Harrison, who attended court every day, listening to harrowing evidence, including the haunting recording of Joanne’s desperate 999 call for help after she had been attacked, said: “I am hoping that by this being in the papers and it being in the courts that she was in an abusive relationship, maybe there’s one or two women out there who are in the same position and will think ‘actually, I need to do something about it’.

“We only really knew all of what was going on when we were in court, I think she hid a lot of it from us because she was frightened about what would happen if we did something about it.

“Of course, she loved us all, I think she loved us all that much – it makes me cry that she loved us that much - that she didn’t tell us half of the things she was going through.”

Now Foley is behind bars, Joanne’s family are determined her young son will never forget her.

Mr Harrison said: “He was her number one priority. That hopefully will be his life growing up, talking about what she was like and what she did, he’ll grow up thinking very good things about his mum.”