Don’t Blame the Council bid fails

Staff members who appeared on Don't Blame the Council
Staff members who appeared on Don't Blame the Council

A BID to discuss the controversial documentary Don’t Blame the Council as a specific motion at next week’s full council meeting has failed.

Leader of the Standish Independents Group Gareth Fairhurst had submitted the motion but it has not been included on the agenda.

Although, it is not clear whether the issue may be broached by the ruling party during another section of the meeting.

Council officers told the Evening Post last week that Coun Fairhurst’s motion had not been seconded and was therefore not competent for debate.

But the opposition member claims he had gained support from his father, fellow Coun George Fairhurst, who has said he intended to second the motion when it was brought up at the meeting.

However, council rules state a seconder must submit their interest a fortnight before the meeting.

The agenda for Wednesday’s chamber meeting includes an item for “Questions and Comments on the Deliberations of Cabinet and Committees” that may leave scope for members to raise any concerns about the documentary.

Coun Fairhurst’s motion had called for an investigation, but council officers have already revealed an internal review is under way.

As part of that process, deputy chief executive Paul McKevitt has taken over the running of the environment services on a temporary basis in the place of Terry Dunn. And all participants in the TV show have been interviewed by legal and human resources staff.

The full agenda for next week’s meeting is now available on the council’s website.

The only motion submitted by elected members is a bid by deputy opposition leader Coun Don Hodgkinson to have the national anthem played at September’s chamber meeting because it coincides with the Queen becoming the longest serving monarch in British history.