Don’t let your cat be another victim

Daisy the cat
Daisy the cat

A DISTRAUGHT cat owner has told how her beloved pet was forced to have a leg amputated after she was shot by cruel thugs.

Michaela Johnson says three-year-old Daisy may never walk again because of her injuries and has urged other animal-lovers to guard against similar attacks.

Because the injury caused by the shooting was so severe, vets had no option but to operate last week.

The shooting follows a recent spate of similar crimes around Wigan in recent weeks.

Last week, the Wigan Evening Post reported how a family pet was shot and killed just yards from its Marsh Green home.

And another cat was shot and injured in Platt Bridge last month.

Michaela, 25, of Old Pepper Lane, Standish, said: “I think people really need to be aware of the incidents as I’m so worried now that this is on the rise.

“Daisy used to be such a lovable, happy, bonkers cat but now she’s so withdrawn and she really isn’t herself. She’s absolutely terrified of everything and won’t even eat so is becoming more poorly by the day. Daisy used to love the vacuum cleaner and chase it around the house but now when we’re vacuuming she jumps out of her skin and goes crazy. Somebody needs to restrain her until it has stopped.

“It’s such a shame and I was so upset about it at first but now I’m just really angry. I’m really worried that these incidents are increasing and something really needs to be done to stop it before it’s too late.”

It is thought Daisy was shot in the fields near her home.

At first vets thought it was a bite but when the wound still didn’t heal after a week the only way to save her leg was through amputation as the wound had destroyed her shoulder joint.

Michaela added: “It was so hard knowing that this was the only option but we had to do it. I’m just so upset now that Daisy will never have a normal life after this.

“She didn’t out much at all, only to other neighbours and sometimes to the fields near the home.

“I don’t want to stop her going out or ever doing what she used to do as it will just make her miserable but I’m wary about letting her out now.”

RSPCA bosses say anybody found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal can face a maximum six-month prison sentence and/or a £20,000 fine.

Meanwhile, police say anyone who owns an illegal gun can hand them with fear of prosecution during amnesty all next week to give people, who have illegal guns, the chance to hand them in at Wigan Police Station.