Don’t take a chance with water safety

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WIGANERS are being urged to stay safe during the hot weather and keep out of rivers, lakes and canals.

It comes after Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) crews were called to three water-related incidents in neighbouring boroughs over the weekend to rescue people.

As part of the Safe4Summer Campaign firefighters have been visiting local schools to chat to young people about the dangers of open water.

Safe4Summer is the joint campaign between GMFRS, Greater Manchester Police and the 10 local authorities aimed at keeping people of all ages safe from summer risks, such as the dangers of water, and addressing community concerns like antisocial behaviour during those months.

The Canal and River Trust is also urging people to be careful.

Annette Simpson, education manager at the Canal and River Trust, said: “Canals and rivers are brilliant places to go to on hot days, and excellent for families to explore during the holidays – I’d encourage anyone to make a visit this summer.

“But it’s also important that people, especially children, are aware of the risks water can pose.

“We are now teaching thousands of children through our education programmes each year and always urge parents to also make sure their children know how to stay safe – that way that they can get on and have some fun.”

Other reasons why open water is dangerous:

There’s no lifeguards to help you out if get into trouble

The water’s often much colder than you expect and it can make the best swimmers struggle

There is no way of knowing what’s underneath the water that could hurt you

If you jump in you might not be able to get out because of steep slimy banks

If it’s polluted, it could make you ill.

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