Don’t take the risk of morning drink driving

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MORE than a quarter of people in the North West have admitted to driving the morning after when they believed they may still be over the drink-drive limit from the night before, according to an alarming new study.

The research, commissioned by Honda (UK) and AlcoSense Personal Breathalysers, investigated attitudes towards drinking and driving over the festive period discovering that more than a third (34.65 per cent) of Christmas party-goers in the North West predict that they will have six or more alcoholic drinks – with almost half of this group planning on knocking back eight or more – putting them at real risk of being over the limit the following day.

It also found that three in five of those within the region intend to “pre-load” with one or more drinks before arriving at the party.

With such a big night planned by so many, perhaps unsurprisingly more than a third believe they could be over the drink-drive limit the morning after their Christmas party, yet nearly a quarter of people aim to drive before 10am the following day.

Furthermore, despite being the most aware of the morning after drink drive risk (44.88 per cent), the 25-34 year old age group – nationwide – are most likely to get behind the wheel before 9am the following morning.

Worryingly, more than one in five (21.03 per cent) admitted that they would do so, even if they suspected they were over the drink-drive limit.

The partnership aims to raise awareness of the dangers of driving the morning after drinking to ensure safer UK roads this Christmas and beyond, with AlcoSense Personal Breathalysers being given away free of charge in Honda’s UK dealerships throughout the festive period.

Philip Crossman, managing director of Honda (UK), said: “Christmas is all about having fun and while the vast majority of party-goers won’t risk it the morning after, a small percentage will.

“And that’s enough to make a difference.”