Door knocked off hinges in car smash

Louise Okoro pictured with her children Diego and Noah
Louise Okoro pictured with her children Diego and Noah

A CAR has smashed into yet another house on a notorious accident blackspot street.

Louise Okoro was startled to return to her home in Darlington Street East, Ince, on Friday lunchtime, to see a blue Clio had ploughed through her front door.

The male driver was uninjured but the impact had left the door hanging off its hinges.

Louise, 34, said: “Luckily I was out of the house at the time.

“Someone I knew rang to tell me what had happened. When I got there I saw that the door was off. The driver said he was driving at 30mph but had slipped on oil on the road and lost control.

“I couldn’t see any oil on the road. A lot of cars drive fast round the corner and practically every house on that row has been hit this year - so that is five or six accidents in one year.

“Someone could have been killed. I have two young sons - a 21-month-old and a five-year old.

“My youngest loves playing with the letter box - if he had been behind the door he would have been killed instantly.

“Luckily there was no real damage inside, but my door had to be fixed. The aerial was also dragged off next door’s roof by the car hitting the cable.

“This is a regular occurrence on this road. All my neighbours are scared. Someone could die - what if a pedestrian was crossing the road? We want the council to do something. We feel no-one is taking it seriously.”

Police attended but say no-one was arrested.

Mark Tilley, assistant director of infrastructure at Wigan Council, said: “Following a full investigation into this section of road we can confirm that work to resurface the carriageway will start on Sunday, October 5.

“It will continue for a further two Sundays and be completed on October 19. We consider the planned resurfacing as an appropriate response to help reduce incidents at this location.”

In August, the Post reported that a VW Golf had smashed into an end terraced house belonging to Steven Rafferty, in Darlington Street East. It had damaged the gable end, creating a hole in the wall and destroying the fireplace inside.

In February 2013, a three-year-old girl was moments away from being squashed from a car a few doors away. There had been reports a vehicle had hit a tree, another hit some fencing and further along the road someone smashed into railings and a bus stop.