Double dose of misery for drivers

M6 northbound at Bryn, overturned caravan
M6 northbound at Bryn, overturned caravan
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MOTORISTS on the M6 suffered delays after two incidents in the space of an hour on the northbound carriageway.

Drivers were initially held up after a caravan and car overturned and ended up on the hard shoulder just before junction 26 at Orrell, which occurred at around 11am.

Highways Agency workers and fire crews had only just got traffic flowing again when a Renault Laguna caught fire just north of junction 25 at Bryn.

The three people in the car had a lucky escape as they were alerted to the fire and the driver managed to get the vehicle on to the hard shoulder before everyone in the car got out safely.

The entire northbound carriageway had to be closed shortly after 11.30pm while firefighters tackled the blaze, leading to long tailbacks with cars either waiting on the motorway for it to re-open or trying to leave the carriageway at Bryn to make their way to the Orrell junction.

Fire crews re-opened the two outside lanes while they continued maknig the scene safe, and traffic was flowing normally again by around 12.15pm.