DOWN THE PUB - Great time to be mild at The Miners

Linda Feeley -  Landlady of the Miners Arms
Linda Feeley - Landlady of the Miners Arms

THERE IS the warmest of welcomes awaiting you at Kitt Green’s Miners Arms.

Particularly now that new landlady Linda Taberner (nee Feeley) has had the workmen successfully fettling the central heating system at this homely little pub from its indifferent former self to one that is now positively Saharan.

She believes strongly in first impressions.

And lets face it, what makes you want to settle down in a corner more and enjoy a few laughs and few glasses with friends that wonderfully cosy feeling that her really is a home from home?

Linda herself (pictured) was a former host at The Moorgate in Aspull during the Millennium – or those who travel a little further afield will remember her at Barnstormers in Lostock.

After taking some years out to work in the prison service and for a major national property management company she is back in the trade she never really got over.

And back to a part of the world she has found she could never really live without.

She has now been behind the bar again in City Road for approaching a month and is delighted that many former regulars, aware that the pub is now in caring hands again, are returning.

The fact the beer is both modestly priced and excellently kept also has something to do with it.

Disruptive young men are not welcomed and she fails to suffer fools gladly.

Genuine folk will find an engrossing and genuine character.

Linda is working hard to stitch the pub back on to the heartstrings of the community.

Tuesday nights have already become an acoustic guitar inspired sing-along jam session and there is a karaoke, with her brother Steve Feeley, each week.

In the New Year she will be introduced regular entertainment, likely to be Sunday evenings.

Surely a great way to ease yourself into the drudge of work the following day?

Much of Wigan is, sadly, a mild “there’s no call for it, love” desert.

Astonishingly, the Miners Arms has not one but two milds on tap, courtesy of Tetley and Thwaites.

Oh happy, happy days!

Sadly for Red Rose flag wavers, the Yorkshire variety remains currently the premier seller.

Linda said: “Oh my goodness there is still plenty of life left in a homely, cosy local, no matter what so many publicans will tell you.

“Its marvellous here at the Miners and every day is getting better.

“The customers love the jam session we have introduced and we are now thinking about introducing regular entertainment in the New Year, possibly on Sunday nights.

“Its a nice traditional pub and I like the idea that we have the vault and what the people around here still call the best room. The milds here are also go down great guns.”