DOWN YOU WAY - Service with a smile

Lianne Hedley at Spoons Deli
Lianne Hedley at Spoons Deli

BUILDING up a good, reliable reputation is the secret to success in a friendly, neighbourhood street of Wigan shops.

And as existing businesses enjoy a large base of regular customers and traditional values, Paula Hedley of Beech Hill has herself decided to set up shop in Woodhouse Lane right near her home.

With a new business venture and an open mind, Paula is set to launch her family eatery, Spoons Deli, within the next few weeks.

She said: “I have high hopes for the new cafe as I think it is perfect location to attract customers.

“I know a lot of people around here as I live around the corner and I think the area is wonderful.

“Anybody is welcome here and I’m looking forward to providing the residents with all types of foods to suit their needs, from a takeaway, to a light lunch, to breakfasts and Fredricks ice-creams. We have really good coffee as well!

“I can’t wait to meet the new people and provide them with a friendly, bubbly service.”

Another eatery located just a couple of doors down has more than 19 years experience in delivering quality food and service to customers. It was the third business in the borough to be awarded a Healthy Business Award by the Council.

Ron Riley of The Trawlerman fish and chip shop says that the secret to providing good service is to always put the customers needs first.

He said: “I am always very loyal to the customers and I get people coming from miles away for the food because I ensure that I always maintain top-quality dishes. My fish are amongst the biggest in the borough. I want to make sure people get a decent portion size and give them healthy food at the same time.

“I think that we’re a focal point in the community now that the post office down the road has shut. I get a lot of regulars who like to just come and sit in the bistro to just catch up for a bit. It’s a wonderful area to work in everybody here is just so friendly and we always help each other out. My passion is working with the public. I love meeting new people all of the time and feeding them well.”

Vinood Parmar of BVS Convenience just next door has built up strong relationships with the customers.

Henry Speakman, 91, is the shop’s most celebrated customer. He says he does most of his shopping there because of the service.