DOWN YOUR WAY - A close knit community

Anthony Faulkner and Hanya Popov from Fabulous Frydays fish and chip shop
Anthony Faulkner and Hanya Popov from Fabulous Frydays fish and chip shop
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A pair of established businesses plus a brand new venture make for a varied shopping experience on Wigan Road and Bryn Street in Ashton.

Makerfield Florist has been on Wigan Road for more than two decades.

Samantha Rigby said: “We have been here for about 13 years now but the shop itself has been here for 20 years previously.

“Mother’s Day is coming up and people tend to be more organised for it.

“We’re always coming up with new ideas to be different and to make our flowers stand out from those people can buy at supermarkets.

“We think that’s very important for the business.

“All of our bouquets are made to order so they’re fresh and not left standing in the shop - and we also do weddings and all occasions.”

Around the corner on Bryn Street, Pastimes craft shop is benefitting from a change of location.

Owner Susan Hughes said: “We have been here for about two-and-a-half years since moving from Wigan Road.

“We like this location because we’re close to the post office and that brings a lot of people here.

“Our selection of wools are very popular at the moment because people are looking to revamp their clothes and making their own designs.

“Everybody is knitting and doing their own thing - thanks in part to homemade products being featured on television programmes.

“We have built up our regular customers that we see quite often.”

Just across the road is a newcomer to the street - Fabulous Frydays.

Co-manager Anthony Faulkner said: “We just opened six weeks ago.

“This place had been a chippy for 20 years but it has been closed for two years because of a fire.

“We’ve now taken over and its got new facilities and we’ve changed everything around.

“We’re hoping now to get our name out there to let everyone know where we are. We’ve had a good response from customers.”

Co-manager Hanya Popov said: “It’s a tradition isn’t it? Getting a chippy tea on a Friday each week.

“And fish and chips is one of the healthiest takeaways compared to the alternatives.

“This is a good location, there’s plenty of traffic and people walking past in terms of passing trade.”