DOWN YOUR WAY - Cornering the market

Wigan Indoor Market - Down Your Way
Wigan Indoor Market - Down Your Way

A BLEND of new and established stalls with a vast array of products and services on offer makes a trip to Wigan Market worthwhile.

One of the new additions to the indoor trading complex is Image Easy Access Bathing who are providing new bathroom suites ideal for the older generations.

Owner Steve Rogers and colleague Steve Rimmer moved into the market at the start of the year.

Steve Rimmer said: “We’ve been doing really well, I think this is a good location for us because people who visit the market are in our target audience.

“As people get older it can be harder for them to get in and out of the bath or shower. Our showers are walk in and don’t require people to step over the side of a bath for example.

“We also offer a service to take your bath out and put an accessible shower in within two days.”

Sausage Shop owners Paul and Ian MacDonald offer more than a dozen varieties of one of the country’s favourite foods.

Ian said: “Our most popular variety at the moment would be our Cumberland sausage.

“All the sausages are made from locally sourced meat and handmade in Chorley before being delivered here.

“We have business all through the year, in the summer we do BBQ packs with sausages and burgers and they remain popular as we get into autumn and winter.

“Because our sausages are low in fat, we have also provide eight types that are ideal for those wanting to watch their figure. We have regular customers from weight-loss groups.”

Next door but one to the Sausage Shop is Lou’s Diner which has been trading for little over a year. Owner Louise Mather said: “We have built up our own bunch of regular customers who might see on the same day each week or even a few times on the same day.

“I want to thank our customers who have supported us since we opened, they have become part of the diner and they are very important to us.

“We have specials on everyday – including our homemade milkshakes – and we get people coming in for their breakfast in the morning and then again later on for a cup of tea and a scone.

“My staff are very friendly and hard working and it all makes for a warm atmosphere at Lou’s Diner.”