DOWN YOUR WAY - High spirits on the market

Alison Gibson from The Cheese Shop at Botany Bay stall
Alison Gibson from The Cheese Shop at Botany Bay stall

ALTHOUGH Hindley’s new market has only been in place for a matter of months, the stall-holders have already built up a strong sense of community spirit.

Located on Cross Street, the community venture is going from strength to strength and is gearing up for its first Christmas period.

It currently operates every Friday and Saturday and co-ordinator Sharon Sargent is keen to let everyone know that they are up and running.

Sharon said: “There’s something for everyone down here, we’ve got some great stalls and plenty more are signed up to start in the coming weeks.

“There is a lovely atmosphere and everyone is working together to make it a success.”

Alison Thorpe has played a key part in starting the market up and has her own stall with the Lucky Hens initiative.

She said: “We sell handmade craft items and also free range eggs to raise money for Lucky Hens.

“We rescue ex-battery farm hens, look after them and try to get them re-housed.

“All the products we sell on the stall are made by myself and volunteers.

“There’s a great atmosphere here, we all pitch in and help each other in the mornings get the stalls out.

“We’re here in all weathers, rain and shine.”

Alison Gibson’s Cheese Shop stall is emerging as a culinary favourite.

She said: “We sell a wide variety of cheeses, we’re here every Friday and most Saturdays.

“If customers fancy a particular cheese we can order it in for them the next week, pretty much anything they fancy. Our main shop is based at Botany Shop.

“I have noticed that our customers here are very supportive of the market as a whole and want it to be a success.”

Debbie Fillingham from Get Knitting is currently doing a roaring trade in cherry and white hats and scarves.

She said: “I’ve been out and about this week trying to restock my cherry coloured wool, they will be perfect for the new season.

“I knit while I’m on the stall, something like a cardigan may take a day but a pair of baby mittens can take an hour to do.

“A lot of the items are knitted by myself although I do sell some other things that are done by friends. They’re all great quality.”