DOWN YOUR WAY - New options for shoppers

Andy Maiden at Maiden & Sons Family Butchers
Andy Maiden at Maiden & Sons Family Butchers

SEVERAL business start-ups are breathing new life into the shopping scene at the crossroads of Gidlow Lane and Park Road.

Guitar ‘N’ Things owner Stuart Gaskell recently celebrated the first anniversary of his business opening and the shop has just been expanded.

Stuart said: “We have taken on the premises next door and now have a more visible presence on the crossroads.

“People still come in and say that they didn’t know we were here but I think it’s hard to miss us now if you’re going past.

“We’ve built up a great reputation for quality second hand guitars and equipment but we’ve also branched out and stock new stuff.

“Lots of the bands on the local music scene know about us now which is a big help.

“We also offer tuition for beginners and have a social media site on Facebook and a new dedicated website for all our products at”

Former Wigan Warriors and Widnes Vikings player Chris Gerrard has recently opened his shop Nutrition Works.

The England Academy player said: “We offer nutrition supplements and dieting products to help people with their healthy lifestyles.

“We only opened three weeks ago so it’s about getting our name out there to let people know we’re here. Word of mouth will be important.

“As I come from a sport background I have experience with these kind of products and can offer free advice on training programmes and the supplements.

“Our products cover both pre and post workout and can help with diet programmes and weight gain.”

Another new addition to the area is Maiden and Sons Family butchers.

Andy Maiden said: “We opened about four months ago, we have another shop that my brother runs over in Hindley.

“We are doing quite well, there aren’t many other butchers in this area so we seem to be very popular.

“I am taking on some new staff soon so everything is going to plan.

“We don’t have a particular favourite product at the moment, everything is very popular.

“We make all of our sausages ourselves and have loads of flavours. I will be putting together a fresh batch today.”