DOWN YOUR WAY - Part of the community

Shops on Manchester Road, Ince
Shops on Manchester Road, Ince

A PAIR of well established businesses are the cornerstone of the community on Manchester Road in Ince.

Both have had a presence on the street for decades and have built up an impressive number of regular customers.

Studio Two has been trading since April Fool’s Day in 1980 and its floor space is split into two with a male barbers and female hairdressers under one roof.

Owner Ian Johnson shares styling duties with wife Shirley.

He said: “I had a full head of hair back when we first opened - that’s how long ago it was and we’ve been busy ever since.

“These days blokes tend to want close cuts on top, I used to do patterns but not so much these days.

“We are usually busiest in the lead up to the weekend and then also on a Saturday.

“Throughout the week as a whole we do tend to have slightly more men than women coming in but we have regular customers for both.”

A few doors down from Studio Two is Fox Chippy whose staff at the time of our visit were gearing up for their busy Friday afternoon and evening shift.

Owner Joan Thomas said “We’ve had this place for 27 years now and we have got three members of staff who have been presented with gold watches for working here for 25 years.

“Even before we had it, it was a chippy for 30 or 40 years before so everyone knows where it is.

“We have had customers from when they were children and now they’ve grown up and they come in with their children.

“We don’t open at weekends anymore but Friday evenings are always busiest because everyone wants their chippy tea after finishing work.

“We have always lived in Ince and we feel part of the community here, we have stayed traditional and people appreciate that.

“And we have been sponsoring the local Rose Bridge rugby team for the last few seasons so they have our name on their shirts.”