DOWN YOUR WAY - Precinct’s team spirit

Natterbox Cafe's Victoria Connah and Lara Jones
Natterbox Cafe's Victoria Connah and Lara Jones

A HEART-warming sense of community spirit contributes to the friendly atmosphere at Winstanley shopping precinct.

The three shop owners featured this week are happy to help one another out for the good of the centre.

Natterbox Cafe is a relative newcomer having opened last August and manager Victoria Connah has some innovative ideas to generate business.

She said: “We open seven days a week and have a carvery available on a Sunday.

“We are keen to get youngsters in here after school or during the evening.

“I grew up around here and the youth clubs and places we could go have now closed so there’s not much for kids to do.

“But we have free wifi plus deals like chips and a milkshake so that we can become a good hang out place in the evenings.

“Our local PCSOs pop in to have a coffee so that they can get to know everyone.

“We also have a breakfast challenge available - it’s five of everything and you have a time limit to finish it.

“If you do, you win a carvery for two and get your picture up on the wall. So far only one person has completed it.”

Just across from the cafe are long term occupants at the precinct Winstanley Dry Cleaners.

Owner Sue Brierton works alongside her sister Marie Murphy and has been on the site for 15 years.

Sue said: “The precinct has changed a lot since we started. We’re really pleased the cafe has opened across the way because it brings people down to this end.

“Because we’re in the summer months we get a lot of dress fittings and alterations, it changes during the winter when people will bring in their coats and jackets to clean or repair.”

Sue Dixon, owner of the Sun and Beauty Rooms, opened her business in 2004.

She said: “The precinct is a handy place to be especially because of the free parking available.

“We’re in a busy period at the moment with all the school proms so we’ve got people coming in for our beauty treatments and using the sun 

“We don’t just have women coming in, we have a lot of male customers who come in and get their back or chests waxed and also getting their eyebrows plucked and waxed.

“They don’t have them shaped, just waxed in the middle and then the odd one plucked out.

“It’s quite popular.”