DOWN YOUR WAY - Snapshot of life on the lane

Spoons Deli Cafe - Paula and Lianne Hedley
Spoons Deli Cafe - Paula and Lianne Hedley

TWO business ventures are breathing new life into Woodhouse Lane, flanking an established firm that is cementing its place as one of the borough’s favourite eateries.

Owners Lee and Donna Wrigley opened Luxe Furniture in October.

Lee said: “It is a family run business, we’ve not been open long but the feedback we’ve had so far is that our customers have been very pleased with our service.”

Manager Mark Gerrard said: “The key thing here is that people can come in and have a look around at our ranges and feel at ease.

“We’re not on top of them as soon as they walk in, we want people to feel relaxed.

“Some of our furniture ranges are exclusive to us so people would not be able to get them anywhere else in Wigan.

“And we do cater for all budgets, we have suites going for around £700 up to £3,000.”

Spoons Deli is another new addition having opened six months ago.

Lianne Hedley said: “We have been doing really well, everyone who comes in for the first time ends up calling in again.

“We are open every day and we get very busy on a Sunday morning because there aren’t that many other places open and people come in for hangover breakfasts.

“We have built up some regular customers and have got to know what they like.

“As the summer isn’t too far away, we stock 12 flavours of Frederick’s ice creams and we do gluten free cones and a selection of cakes also.”

The Trawlerman is a mainstay of the lane, having been on site for more than 30 years.

Owner Ron Riley has been in charge for 19 years and is adamant his place has the best fish and chips of anywhere in the borough. Ron said: “Fridays are still the busiest days, people coming in for their chippy teas.

“But I can also say that Monday is becoming the new Friday, I think people not wanting to cook on their first day back at work might have something to do with it.

“I think word has got round that I cut my fish into larger portions, the quality makes all the difference.

“I’m trying to cut back on my hours but I love being in on a Friday because it’s good craic.

“Down the years a lot of customers have become friends and that’s because of the service we provide and we have such a good staff.”