Dozens of our bobbies fail fitness test

Overweight police
Overweight police

LOCAL police’s blobby bobbies could face the boot after a probe revealed dozens can’t even pass a basic police fitness test.

Pen-pushing and panda cars have been blamed for the decline in the Greater Manchester force’s fitness.

It comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed dozens of officers were literally deemed not fit enough to police the public

The GMP figures reveal that 96 out of 4,289 officers have failed the test at some point. Of those 12 officers have failed multiple times (eight officers flunking twice and four having failed three times).

Most of those who didn’t pass muster were police constables (72), 12 were special constables, two were special sergeants, one a specials inspector, six regular sergeants, one temporary chief inspector and two temporary sergeants.

“If a normal person failed the test it would be embarrassing, never mind a policeman that’s a joke,” said a police source, who took and passed the basic exam themselves.

“When you think how much time police spend behind a desk or inside a car, it’s little surprise they are so unfit.

“But how are officers expected to catch a mugger if they can’t even run?”, the official Government police site, say the test is designed to simulate day-to-day police activities such as foot chases and apprehending suspects.

The official site also boasts that the new test is “considerably easier than it once was” and “most people with a basic level of fitness should be able to pass it with very little training.”

GMP had not responded to the a request for a comment at the time of going to press.