Driver jailed after crippling teen in crash

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Crime news

A MOTORIST, whose dangerous driving caused devastating life-changing injuries to a 17-year-old boy while he was innocently walking down the road, has been jailed for 12 months.

The teenager was pinned against a wall after Nizamuddin Patel’s Vauxhall Vectra slewed out of control resulting in serious leg injuries and his right big toe was amputated by the collision.

The victim, Spencer Aspinall, had both legs “shredded” in the accident and has since undergone numerous operations on his left leg, which was shattered in the crash on November 22, 2012 in Bolton Road, Atherton.

However 36-year-old Patel did not face a charge of dangerous driving causing serious injury as that offence, which carries a maximum of five years imprisonment, only came into force two weeks later.

As well as jailing 36-year-old Patel the judge banned him from driving for four years after a jury convicted him of dangerous driving, which carries a maximum of two years imprisonment.

“You drove over a period of 20 minutes or so in a frankly disgraceful manner in a built up area in which it was dark and wet. You recklessly overtook other vehicles causing others to take evasive action. You tailgated cars in front of you, you drove excessively fast. In short you drove without any regard for the safety or welfare of others or for the road signs indicating speed limited and changes in the direct of the road.

“I fully accept that you had no intention to cause the dreadful consequences of your selfishness but such consequences were the inevitable result of your dangerous driving. You lost control and the car mounted the pavement to your offside. It struck a teenage boy were sustained exceptionally serious injuries.”

He said he accepted that Patel, of Saltwood Grove, Bolton, was a hard working man of previous good character. “You seem to me to be an immature and inexperienced young man who had no awareness of the risk and danger that you present to others.”

Judge Warnock said the case was a tragedy for the Aspinall family but continued: “No sentence I pass can be of any comfort to the victims of your selfishness although I express the sincere hope that Spencer Aspinall suffers as little as possible from the permanent injuries he has sustained.”

During the trial a Liverpool Crown Court jury heard motorist Stephen Gaskell had been behind Patel’s Vectra from Bolton town centre to the scene and witnessed him driving dangerously.

Mr Gaskell set off from his home in Bury at 6.30am to get to work and his journey took him along the A579 through Bolton town centre towards Atherton.

As he drove along Derby Street the Vectra overtook him at about 40mph in the 30mph area, which took him by surprise as it allegedly “came out of nowhere”.

Further on Patel went completely onto the wrong side of the road, said Henry Riding, prosecuting.

Meanwhile Mr Gaskell rounded a bend and saw the Vectra had slewed sideways and had been hit by a Vauxhall Astra coming in the opposite direction.

But before it had been struck by the other car the Vectra had careered onto the nearside pavement and collided with the teenage boy.

A woman who rushed to help the boy, who was screaming in agony, thought initially he had a false leg before realising it was his bone protruding through his leg.

Patel was arrested at the scene and told police that he had been blinded by the lights of the vehicle behind him.