Driver’s 150 mile journey to protest

Lorry driver Robin Hilpert protesting outside Arrow XL on Martland Park
Lorry driver Robin Hilpert protesting outside Arrow XL on Martland Park

A TRUCK driver who was suspended from his job following a road incident went the extra mile to get back to work.

Robin Hilpert made a journey of more than 150 miles to Wigan from his home in Newcastle to protest against his suspension outside the headquarters of delivery firm ArrowXL.

Robin, 48, was contracted by recruitment agency Top Gear to carry out driving work for the Wigan-based logistics company when he was involved in an incident with a car in the North East, during which his HGV was photographed.

He was suspended from work several weeks ago, and after becoming frustrated by the fact his case had not been resolved decided to head down the motorway to mount a one-man protest at the company’s gates.

His persistence and direct action paid off, with ArrowXL bosses speaking to him and agreeing with Top Gear to begin a full investigation into the incident.

Mr Hilpert said: “I felt that travelling down here was what it took and I wanted to show I couldn’t just be walked over.

“They’ve promised me a full investigation, which was what I wanted because I haven’t actually done anything, and hopefully I should be hearing from them in the next few days.

“I’ve no problem at all with any of ArrowXL’s managers and staff, they’re a great bunch of people to work with, but I just felt with this I wasn’t getting anywhere.”

Mr Hilpert’s woes began with an altercation with a car driver, who he accuses of driving erratically on a dual carriageway in the North East near Scotch Corner. The driver complained to Mr Hlipert’s employers who then suspended him.

Following his protest outside the depot, ArrowXL has spoken to the Top Gear agency, who will now try and get to the bottom of what happened.

Andrea Gomm, HR Director at Arrow XL commented: “We are aware of the current situation involving a driver contracted to Top Gear recruitment, following an incident at our Wigan depot earlier today. This driver is not, and never has been, a direct employee of Arrow XL. Upon learning of his distress today, we immediately contacted Top Gear recruitment, who are now working with him to resolve any issues.”